2022 DCMS Officers
President                              Brett Burtenshaw, M.D.
Past-President                     Josh Oaks, D.O.
President-Elect                    Pam Heldebrand, M.D.
Secretary-Treasurer            David Farnsworth, M.D.
Trustee                                 Brooks Bahr, M.D.
Executive Director               Karyn Tucker

Making Medical
Matters Better

The Davis County Medical Society, DCMS, under the auspices of the Utah Medical Association (UMA). The Society is open to any physician living in, and/or working in, Davis County. Members have the opportunity to participate in UMA legislative matters, through the UMA delegate meetings, held once each September. The Society has the opportunity to submit resolutions to the UMA for proposed changes to make medical matters better within the County, as well as, potentially, the State.

Contributing to the Community

The Society strives to promote individual and community health, including compassionate and effective treatment for patients by upholding the highest standards or scientific and ethical practice of medicine. The Society maintains positive communication with the UMA, and provides leadership initiatives in dealing with the evolving health care environment.  The Society provides an annual special educational meeting for member physicians.  Also paramount is maintaining a secure financial base for the Society.